Black Country MG Glub


Black Country MG Club

Area Secretary:
Martin Jones

Tel: 07891 815251



Meetings Held At:
The Park Inn, George St, Woodsetton, Dudley, DY1 4LW

Meeting Day/Time:
2nd & 4th Wednesday each month, 8.15pm onwards.

The Black Country MG Club (BCMG) was formed in 1991. It rose like a phoenix from the flames of the once hugely popular Wolverhampton Area MG Owners Club. It was decided at this time that the club needed a change of direction in order to provide it with the new lease of life which was long overdue.

As a group it was decided that it would be better off we were not strictly affiliated to either of the two major MG Clubs of the time, The MG Owners Club and The MG Car Club.

This decision gave the club the freedom it desperately needed to break away from its dedication to the MG Owners Club, into pastures new as a more independent club – hence the change of name was required.

The next problem we faced was the choice of a new name. The old club had enjoyed quite a high profile, and had become a relatively well known club in the MG Owners Club. The “hard-core” of members who had made the decision to change the face of the club, soon realised that in fact although we were at the time called the Wolverhampton MGOC, very few of the members were actually connected with the immediate Wolverhampton surrounding area.

Soon it was decided that a name which could be more easily recognised by others, and gave a strong tie with our local area was needed. The Black Country MG Club was eventually decided to be the best name, as it gave the club a real sense of identity, and also indicated it’s new clean break away from the major clubs.

This proved to be a change for the better. Soon, after lots of effort from the newly formed committee, the dwindling numbers which remained from the Wolverhampton club swelled tremendously into the healthily attended club which it remains to the day.

After only one year behind us as BCMG, it was decided that we should hold our own MG event to help to really put the club on the MG map. The very first “Black Country Day Out” was intended to be a relatively small event with up to 50 cars attending a local motoring venue, The Bridgnorth Motor Museum.

We could only watch with disbelief as our small family day out, grew into something of a success no-one could have predicted, as almost 100 cars arrived throughout the day.

Following on from this initial success, it was decided that we would continue to hold what was apparently an event growing in popularity. So, the following year saw the second Black Country Day Out, and another outstanding success. The event had more than doubled in size from the first year with around 200 MG’s turning out.

The third Black Country Day Out was held in 1994, and was equally as successful as the second. In 1995, the club are taking “a sabbatical” from event organising , partly due to our expanding families in the club and also to give us more chance to enjoy everybody else’s events. But fear not, I can assure you that the Black Country Day Out is by no means dead and buried, and will hopefully be returning next year in some form or another.