Fest Jazz Classic Car Rally 2019

Fest Jazz Festival & Classic Car Rally is alive and kicking!

After much uncertainty about the future of the Fest Jazz after last year’s disastrous losses due to bad weather, MGOC West Midlands are pleased to announce that with the help of crowd funding and amazing support from supporters it’s back on again with a vengeance. After a few West Midlands MGOC members joined the already established festival nine years ago, the classic car side has grown year on year and is now a firm favourite with a large following of regulars. This year’s event will take place from 26th – 28th July  and for details to take part, please email the registration number of your car to: contact@fest-jazz.com and you will be sent information about accommodation, special ticket prices and a discount on crossings from Brittany Ferries. 

Click this link for more details    Fest Jazz 2019 Flyer